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THE MOVIE NIGHT (and other stories) - Derrida
February 20th, 2008
10:23 pm
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THE MOVIE NIGHT (and other stories)
So now that Movie Night (Remedial) Classic is ending, let's take a look at what we might be watching this season. If I'm smart, I've gone and included IMDB links, so let's all crowd around the screen of R's laptop or whatever we're reading this on.

What're these movies selected for? Generally, we're after movies that are either (might be) really awesome and innovative, preferrably ones that aren't so well known that we'll have seen them already. We're also after movies that are so seriously bad with so much effort (money) that they're hilarious. With that in mind, look at these choices.

Dave semi-requested The Glove, and also it has the greatest theme song ever.
Girl who Leapt Through Time won that award that they give to that stuff. Dave knows what I'm talking about.
Kontroll is good. Dave will tell you as much.
Forbidden Planet was so awesome I posted in LJ about it. Also, Robbie the Robot is fucking badass. Para-Medic will tell you more.
K sort of recommended Secretary. Have people seen that? If they have, nevermind.
Citizen Dog is better if you just see the Trailer or maybe the opening.
We now have the uncut version of Dangerous Encounters of the First Kind, not availiable (anywhere) and so hopefully this time it will have the plot that the British Hong Kong government took out.
We're watching Tachiguishi Retsuden as soon as we get subs for it.
I liked Paranoia back when it was called Paranoia, and it's been a while since I've seen it.
We ended up watching the trailer for Sublime on the DVD of like Pan's Labyrinth or some shit and I thought people were interested.
I said we should watch Machine Girl because the trailer looks FUCKING AWESOME SUPER HARDCORE but it isn't out yet on DVD and Dave said we should watch Meatball Machine
Previously on Movie Night, we watched Election and Election 2, so we can finish off Johnny To's Triad Trilogy with Exiled, which is supposed to be good.

Oh also tonight I brought Drive.

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