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The Top Gear (and other stories) - Derrida
January 11th, 2008
12:50 am
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The Top Gear (and other stories)
Well, ladies and gentlemen, this has been the last Movie Night before my career as an office assistant. I had neglected to mention earlier that this was not the only movie night candidate for a double feature; I had meant to make a double feature of Monday and Survive Style 5+. Upon further reflection, it seems fine that we'll be unable to do so. I'll let you stew in your contemplation of the movie for a week waiting for the second. Also, I have plenty of Top Gear episodes at the ready, and this way we'll have time to watch more of them. Still upcoming are the Top Gear Winter Olympics and Richard Hammond's fantastic crash (spoiler lol).

Luth is an interesting fellow. If he has as much knowledge of music as he suggests, his experience is indeed formidable. I'll be interested to see if he returns for the next movie night.

I see here that my encode of Meatball Machine has finished. Let's hope that AutoGK has followed my instructions and correctly set the aspect ratio this time. I swear, this film has been the most painful to pirate for its relative value.

Brian, I forgot to mention that you'll find Freezepop's new album, Future Future Future Perfect in R's upload directory.
R, I forgot to mention that you'll find a Banannaphone ringtone in your upload directory.

Now, to remove from my face this terrible expression.

Update: The seven-layer beef burrito was significantly less exquisite than I had originally imagined.

Current Music: Freezepop / Do You Like Boys?

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